About Us

February 7 2021, BARRA LA® was born into this world. Barra Los Angeles is a brand bred in the story of Southern California. We come with the idea that uniqueness, creativity, and originality are still important, just as they are in the sprawl of SoCal. We are a community of creators, learners, and entrepreneurs. We chose a barra as our symbol because of its meaning behind it, it’s passion, and it’s ability to distinguish itself in a crowd.


We attribute BARRA as a status. To those who have created. To those who have stood out. To those who have stood up to normality and make more of what they got going on already in life. We want you to join us. Stand Up. Speak out. BE PART OF OUR FAMILY  BARRALA® to us is one big never-ending Art Project, we're just putting our creativity out there & seeing who messes with it. The coolest thing in the world is knowing people really mess with what we come up with, they aren’t buying it just for hype. We sell out of our releases and we aren’t a mainstream brand. It’s art, we’re just striving to become the best artists we can be.